Cyber Vision

The digital transformation of organizations is happening on a global scale as a digital battle across all industrial, service and public sectors. Consequences are

  • The dependency on digital assets, their confidentiality, integrity and availability increases. New strategies, techniques and tools to safeguard them must be employed.
  • The technological sophistication of IT landscapes now requires an even more careful design to avoid the "zoo of everything" effect that leads to risks of unmanageability, high operating cost and the proliferation of shadow IT.
  • The integration of previously unconnected applications, business areas and partners creates new complexities and new potential risks.

At the same time, cybercrime is also thriving. In 2015, cybercrime has created more damages than conventional crimes for the first time ever. Corporations are under fire of dedicated cyberattacks, are exposed to information loss through staff fluctuation, and face shrinking margins through increasingly global competition. Government organisations in the USA have rated worst in comparison with businesses with respect to their preparedness for cyberthreats. Cybersecurity has turned into an IT subject that goes far beyond the IT departments. A pervasive culture of cyberawareness and vigilance is called for.

The ability to innovate and to evolve business in an agile and elastic fashion has become a key factor for survival. Entering into the vast array of enabling technologies requires extensive experience and expertise. Some key trends are

  • Insights drawn from Big Data analytics
  • Cost effectiveness reached through modern cloud infrastructures
  • The facilitation of new customer experiences with Augmented Reality
  • Smart infrastructures based on IoT devices
  • 360° views through intelligent search and high-performance in-memory databases
  • Pervasive use of smart mobile devices, including mobile payments

Cyber Vision addresses these specific needs of organizations to undertake strategic moves forward into the digital future.

Cyber Vision was founded in 2009 as an international team of experts in their respective fields, to design, build and introduce pragmatic solutions facilitating sustainable results.

Technologies and Solutions




  • Finance & Insurance
  • Retail and Distribution
  • Facility Management
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Software & Consulting Industry
  • Publishing & Media
  • Education
  • Health Care


What We Do


Cyber Vision focusses on projects in Europe, Middle East and Africa to provide cutting-edge solutions for customers from all industrial and public sectors. Cyber Vision was founded to specifically address the needs of enterprises for holistic, integrated solutions often composed of several commercial or open-source products. Cyber Vision addresses this need for strategic, business-driven solution architectures.


Cyber Vision provides a unique consulting and integration expertise from long-standing project experiences in combination with products of leading technology vendors. Highly-skilled local partners deliver, operate and maintain our solutions in cooperation with customers. This Knowledge Transfer approach has proven to be most effective and efficient especially in complex areas of innovation and digital transformation where local services are crucial for a sustainable success.

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