Internet of Things

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Your Challenges

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the concept of highly interconnected devices and services in the private and business lives of each and every citizen and organization. Connected cars, Smart Metering and Smart Home technology are areas in which the IoT has reached us already. It turns out to be a pervasive technology for practically any field of application where devices with local intelligence and sensoric or control capabilities are required.

With large numbers of devices in the IoT, this has become a serious issue for security and privacy concerns. There is an increasing number of media reports on major vulnerabilities and privacy breaches. In consequence, Cybersecurity is one of the most significant challenges for IoT and IoT user acceptance.

However, also the diversity of devices presents a challenge. Different devices may create different sets of data to be consolidated, may require updates of software and firmware at times, and require an effective asset and configuration management to keep track of the zoo of things out in the wild. Questions of long-running power supplies and failures after some period of continuous operation also have to be taken into account.

Our Solutions

The flexibility, adaptability and scalability of IoT architectures is paramount. Cyber Vision knows how to cope with the massive data volumes created by IoT, but also respects security and privacy issues arising from such information pools and devices. We create secure architectures over a range of communications protocols and different types of devices, integrating edge computing and central computing as necessary. Applications are manifold in different sectors and often involve Big Data technology to manage and analyze the vast amounts of data generated in order to derive valuable business insights.

We work with leading IoT device manufacturers to provide standard, highly robust devices with low power consumption and a variety of communications options (GSM, 3G, 4G, 5G, WLAN, Ethernet, IoT protocols) to monitor and measure numerous environmental parameters. Local aggregators and edge computing stations complement the device spectrum to provide a robust and scalable IoT infrastructure.
Organize, secure and govern the information flow between your IoT devices and aggregators, edge computing locations and major data centers. With mobile devices (e.g., in logistics applications), there is also a challenge of communication outages. We provide solutions to use alternate communication paths or to locally store data until communication channels become available again.
Draw actionable information from the plethora of information collected from IoT devices. We help you identify what suits your requirements from self-service Business Intelligence exploration and reporting over automatic anomaly alerting to advanced machine-learning heuristic computations. Please, see also our Big Data offering for more details. IoT environments can also be a major application for Augmented Reality to visualize complex information in real-world contexts.
Cybersecurity in a massively-distributed ecosystem is a central topic that needs to be addressed. We design secure IoT architectures, keep confidential information from disclosure, and provide security models for analytics and storage of IoT data. Please, see also our Cybersecurity offering for more details.