Big Data and Analytics

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Your Challenges

Big Data has become a buzz word as organizations start to recognize the potential value of large collections of information that either already exist and just need to be integrated, or that are now created from continuous streams of information from applications, IoT devices and through forms of crowdsourcing.

Harnessing Big Data is a challenge. It cannot be addressed simply by trying to employ Apache Hadoop or Spark and hope for the best results. Big Data is tighty connected to the quality of information, to analytics deriving new actionable information from data, and to the accessibility of data in various forms: structured, text, audio, images, video, graphics, geodata, and more. Big Data really is an strategic integration task presenting the challenge of properly analyzing the resulting data lakes to yield insights. Large data sets may exhibit interesting correlations - data analysts have to validate them to verify there is also causation.

As Big Data initiatives start in organizations, it often turns out that data is not really big. It is just hard to capture and analyze. Cyber Vision brings the deep understanding of business requirements and methodologies that is necessary to turn piles of data into Smart Data. Latest technology from the analytic database field will take care of making this also Fast Data, i.e., ad-hoc analytics may be applied interactively. Processes that took weeks before may now be complete in minutes or hours.

Big Data is complex through its characteristics, also known as the eight 'V'. These properties have to be taken into account when Big Data is being ingested, processed, analyzed, stored and explored or visualized.

Our Solutions

Cyber Vision employs highly scalable architectures for Big Data platforms to start small while thinking big. Only this way, Big Data will enable Big Insights leading to Big Decisions. Big Data is about not being afraid of large volumes of data, high rates of new incoming data or complex relationships between individual records of different types. Cyber Vision provides you with the highly-scalable, robust base technology, so you can take care of identifying business value and deriving actionable insights.

By employing analytic, in-memory database for hot data, traditional data repositories and databases lacking rapid retrieval options may be accelerated 30-500 times, depending on the application and query types. Find out how this technology can help you by scheduling a proof-of-concept implementation.
Data warehouses typically require significant efforts to design ETL processes, model data cubes, and provide adequate visualizations of data. By moving on to analytic information warehouses, we can accelerate this process significantly, eliminate the need for data cubes, and provide self-service BI solutions to quickly access data interactively without having to learn query languages. Standard BI tools serve as front-ends to a high-performance Big Data platform.
Cyber Vision creates an Enterprise Information Portal for you that integrates views of structured and unstructured data with a single, homogeneous view for navigation and exploration. Information in context will show database records next to data warehouse information and related documents or images. Semantically explore information along any relationship between entities.
As part of a Cybersecurity platform, Big Data tools can be used to detect what is unusual in network traffic, service logs or workstation behaviour.
Recognize trends and gain insight into customer behaviour to optimize customer experience and revenues at the same time.
The automated detection of patterns in customer behaviour matched to properties of products in online e-commerce platforms may be used to provide specifically targeted recommendations and facilitate cross- and up-selling.
Perform customer value analytics to identify customers and customer groups with exceptionally high contributions to margins. Create micro-campaigns to target existing or win new customers.
Combine all relevant data sources for a contact center into one single 360° view for agents and management, in order to reduce call times and cumbersome search operations across different systems. Provide real-time insight into the contact center status and see which topics are currently trending.
Automatically examine competitor websites and harvest interesting information. Find out which changes occur in other companies' websites and online resources. Identify customer sentiments by analyzing social media platforms and customer feedback.
The vast amount of information created by Internet of Things (IoT) devices requires a highly scalable analytics platform. Derive actionable information from the huge amounts of data and find out what is really relevant.
We analyze your Big Data requirements and create an architecture for large-scale Smart and Fast Data. Tools for the ingestion of incoming information and intelligent adaptible front-ends to bring 360° views to users complement the solution. Using open-source and standard commercial tools, a powerful Big Data environment with low operations overhead can be set up.