MERCURE Communication Analytics

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Your Challenges

The success of telecommunication forensics depends on the experience of the investigator and the availability of the right tools to cope with masses of data and efficiently obtain results for typical queries like the following:

  • Full communication profile of any itemized billing
  • Cell Site Analysis
  • Middlemen search
  • Phone line profiling
  • Modus operandi search on crime scenes
  • Proximity search
  • Meeting points
  • Groups on crime scenes
  • Recon detection
  • Shared IMSI/IMEI between suspects
  • Patterns of life detection
  • Close entourage identification
  • Gang members’ synchronized behaviours

Long sets of data often lack suitable visualization as charts or easy-to-understand maps with geo-tagged data.

Our Solutions

Our solution for telecommunications analytics provides preconfigured, typical search operations, including all of the required queries mentioned above. Over 780 different record formats can be automatically recognized, including formats used in France, Belgian, Germany, Sweden, Norway, UK, Netherlands, Swiss, Spain, Italy, Poland as also Marocco, Singapore, Australia, South Africa and Indonesia. More countries will be added as needed. Our solution is capable of managing high call volumes and supports investigations irrespective of size or complexity. It is suited for national threat cases containing millions of calls.

Cyber Vision also offers a training course for users of this product.

Provision of product platform and customization to individual requirements.
Introduction of investigators to using the communications analytics platform.
Integration of the communications analytics platform with other systems and services in your organisation.