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Your Challenges

Over the last years, Cybersecurity has become a predominant topic for business resilience in industry, services sectors and in government. Ransomware, distributed attacks rendering business-critical websites useless, data theft, and major reputation damages are risks to be countered. Espionage is a common threat in hitech and financial businesses. Every day we can read about new breaches, hacks, malware attacks or major cybersecurity risks. Trusted products from vendors like Microsoft, Cisco, Apple or Adobe reveal major vulnerabilities or even backdoors, putting the integrity and confidentiality of our valuable data at risk. Privacy concerns materialize as risks, just as millions of citizen, voter or customer records are exposed or abused.

The average cost of incidents is estimated to range from $500 into millions – apart from permanent damages through the loss of intellectual property or reputational damages. In 2015, the impact of cybercrime was larger than from conventional crimes for the first time. Professional hacking enterprises start offering their services to parties interested in damaging competitors, obtaining confidential material, or afflicting the reputation of organizations and authorities. Social engineering clearly shows, however, that addressing these issues is not merely an IT subject.

Digital Transformation processes further increase the dependency of organizations on digital assets, processes and instruments with their integrity and availability. The resilience against cyberattacks and unintentional misuses of the IT infrastructure becomes a top priority for businesses to survive.

This is why organisations turn to highly scalable technology from the Big Data arena to efficiently cope with the vast amount of information relevant to Cybersecurity Operations Centers, but also broadly employ collaborative learning and Knowledge Management techniques to increase Cyberliteracy, Cyberawareness and Cybervigilance. Encryption on different levels, malware detection and a tight "need-to-know" approach lead to better base-level security.

Our Solutions

Adequate technological, organisational and strategic changes and continuous improvement processes ultimately create a collaborative intelligence that makes your business resilient against Cyberattacks. Cyber Vision provides solutions for the whole spectrum, from Identity and Trust Management to Threat and Vulnerabililites Management.

Apart from technological measures, we also help shape and implement a Cybersecurity strategy, enforced by policies and a pervasive Cybersecurity education. In many respects, Cybersecurity depends on an elaborate common sense - it is our task to sharpen this awareness and create a culture of resilience and vigilance.

We perform a quick assessment of your cybersecurity readiness to evaluate your existing capabilities, processes and tools, and to recommend steps to improve the Cybersecurity landscape in your organization.
Increase Cybervigilance in your organisation. We provide trainings for different target groups, e.g., employees, project managers, middle management, C-level management, Information Security Offices. The Cyber Vision course program provides a framework for introductory and advanced course, but also directly links to consulting packages individually taking Cybersecurity further.
We analyze your network architecture, routers, VPN access points, proxy infrastructure and other components to determine risks and recommend concrete actions to improve overall network security. We can also carry out such measures and provide solutions to monitor and manage networks in secure ways.
Applications in your own data center, hosted at third parties, or provided as services on the Internet will be assessed with respect to Cybersecurity risks. We help improve the security and provide architectural guidelines for application developers and the operators of application networks.
A crucial role in the overall Cybersecurity maturity of an organization plays endpoint security, i.e., mobile devices, laptops, desktops used by employees, contractors, interns and temporary workers. BYOD is a risk that needs to be addressed. We map the risk landscape of your endpoint security and suggest areas of improvement, e.g., to employ encryption, perform information classifications on data, handle virus alerts, or secure local client applications.
The large scale and complexity of IT infrastructures makes keeping a 360° view on all relevant information a challenge. The Cyber Vision CSOC architecture provides a highly scalable, extensible and powerful platform to analyze, detect and respond to unusual situations in your environment. Elements of physical security, such as access control, security cameras or building alarms may also be included to complete the picture. Built on latest analytic and machine-learning capabilities, we provide threat and vulnerabilities management in a single platform.
A major pillar of Cybersecurity is the the ability to identify entities (systems, persons, applications), reliably authenticate them, and define their precise rights entitlements. Our identity and trust management solutions establish this for your organisation.
Based on a product from a German technology partner, a transparent encryption of files on network folders can be offered. Files on protected folders will be encrypted on the client before they transit through the network, and will be transparently decrypted by the client workstation on the fly as authorized users access them again. A training course for security administrators is offered for this product.