Augmented Reality

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Your Challenges

Augmented Reality (AR) links our real-life environment full of physical objects and devices with a virtual, digital environment full of pieces of information that may relate to the physical world. AR enriches our real life by superimposing information applicable in the respective context. Location information, object recognition or markers may be used to identify such context instantly. Mixed Reality is a special form of Augmented Reality where virtual projections may also be used to interact with real-world devices.

Our Solutions

Cyber Vision provides platforms to integrate Augmented Reality into existing systems as an advanced form of not only visualizing information in context, but also provide ways of interacting with such information.

We provide solutions that display static and dynamic information in context, e.g., for agricultural applications, the energy industry and utilities, plant maintenance management, or other areas of technological devices.
Augmented Reality provides a look into buildings with their usually invisible infrastructure. It includes views from IoT devices, e.g., alarms, temperature and humidity sensors, surveillance cameras, and more.